Enabling use of 3LC without creating an account during the beta

We received feedback from the community that requiring users to create a 3LC account and enter an API key during the beta period was a bit too much to ask. So, we have made it possible to use the 3lc Python package and the 3LC Dashboard without jumping through any hoops. For those of you that went the extra mile and created a 3LC account after the initial beta release, thank you! You can now choose your own adventure:

a) Continue using your 3LC account

Switch to using https://dashboard.enterprise.3lc.ai instead of https://dashboard.3lc.ai. This is because https://dashboard.3lc.ai will no longer redirect to allow for login but will directly sign you in as Beta User. Note that you don’t have to be an enterprise to go this route!

b) Switch to use the Beta User setup

  1. Stop your 3LC Object Service, if currently running
  2. pip install -U 3lc
  3. Delete the api_key.txt file, whose location can be found here
  4. Remove all cookies for 3lc.ai
  5. Restart the 3LC Object Service
  6. Keep using https://dashboard.3lc.ai

Thank you for your patience as we figure things out.

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